Thursday, November 19, 2015

Huge praise!

My husband is off today and tomorrow which means we have 4 days together!  I'm so excited!  On today's agenda is to catch up on sleep, put the lawn tractor back together, and put up shelves in the basement and garage.  Tomorrow we are hoping to get lights hung up on the house before the snow flies!  Tomorrow is youth group so we have some stuff to get ready for that as well.  Looking forward to some good quality time with my family!  
Talk to you all Monday!


Sharon Geiger said...

Praying the fire alarms, etc cooperate with all you hope for <3

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I sometimes come here to read your blog. I wanna say: your family is great! Your kids are such beautiful! Your pets are so... what can I say? I love animals!
There is so much love here, that is a right place to find positives thoughts. Thanks. Greetings from Italy. Mauro