Thursday, November 12, 2015

Busy day...

Today is a crazy day for us!  
We started out the morning heading to a field trip this morning.  We took the Leah Homeschool group to the Utica Children's Museum.  I'll have more of a post on that tomorrow.  
This afternoon I'm sorting a Scentsy party for delivery and then this evening I have another home Scentsy party!  
The girls are headed to Grandma (Benedict's) to spend some time with her while I go to the party.  
I'm just going to take a second here and thank Doug's parents for all they do for us.  We try not to rely on them too much, but they are always there if we need anything.  Mom especially will watch the kids for me in a pinch, she is there when something happens and I call her early in the morning because one of the kids is sick.  I'm very grateful for their willingness.
So thank you from the bottom of our hearts Mom and Dad!  You both mean a lot to me!!!

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Sharon Geiger said...

I am thankful for them as well. It's nice knowing someone is near and so willing to "be there" :)