Monday, July 27, 2015

"Sweet Frog"

One night while in South Carolina, we had a craving for Sweet Frog.  I really can't remember if it was too far, or if we just didn't feel like going, but anyhow, Chelsea and Jeremy stopped on their way from an appointment and picked up "Sweet Frog".  It was really fun and the girls really enjoyed it.  I'm still not sure they realize that it wasn't actually sweet frog and was just a bunch of fixings and a tub of ice cream!  They came home saying the "Sweet Frog" at Aunt Chelsea's was the best!  

It might have had something to do with the fact that Aunt Chelsea made a rule for the girls that they HAD to put on 7 toppings.  There was no complaining! ;)

Their poor eyes from swinging underwater in the pool with their eyes open...I promise no tears were shed prior to these pictures!

We were setting up for this family shot and Seth, who was sleeping in his room, started squawking...He wanted to be in the picture too!

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