Monday, July 13, 2015

We are back!

What an awesome vacation!  We pulled into the driveway yesterday around 2:30.  We were all ready to get out of the car except Molly.  She pouted having to be back home for some reason.  We unpacked the entire camper and started laundry before finally getting her to get out of the back of the car!  LOL  It was really hard to leave the South, but it is nice to be home.  We were all kind of in a fog yesterday adjusting back to the allergies here in the north country.  I went to bed with a horrible headache...thankfully it seems to have passed this morning.  
Don't worry there will be pictures!  I'm working on editing 280 pictures from our trip. :)    Laundry is almost done and then the camper needs to be put back together.  
Tomorrow there will be a good blog!  I'll see you all then!

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