Friday, July 24, 2015

A day at the park...

While Chelsea and Jeremy took Seth to his doctor's appointment, we headed to this cool park.  Our intention was to see some dolphins, but that didn't happen!  Oh well....the park itself was super cool though!  All around the park, there were a ton of horse drawn carriages that were giving tours.  

Madalyn has been obsessed with Mules since this.

They had this wall remembering the people that died on a boat that crashed.  The rocks that you stood one had the states where they were all from written on them.

Missing this handsome man!

Great family picture!

Look at this awesome tree!

So we found out later after finding a sign that we weren't suppose to get on the trees, but we didn't know a the time...made for a super cute picture anyhow!

So cute!


Madalyn...being Madalyn

So sweet!


Look at all the marble!

When we got back, the girls headed to the pool for a bit.  They LOVED having unlimited access to the pool.  I'm glad their Daddy loves to swim.  They could live in one if you let them!

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Sharon Geiger said...

Can you send me a 4x6 of that family picture please :)