Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Heading to South Carolina...

When my sister found told me she was expecting, she asked/demanded that we were there as soon as we could be to the delivery.  With Doug's job, and pretty much any other job, we had to take vacation ahead of time due to the fact that they book jobs so far out in advance.  Chelsea was due the 6th, it was her 1st and therefore I knew our chances, but leaving the 3rd just made the most sense.  Doug had the 3rd off and it just made sense to head out then.  So we took our leave, Dad brought my mom down to us, and we left Friday morning.  The girls loved having Grandma ride down with us and have that extra time with her.  It was a really smooth ride!
We had to keep a blanket in the car because the second row kept getting cold ;)

God certainly is good!  Seth Kyle made his entrance on July 4th weighing 7lb 4oz.  Not only did Chelsea really want us there as soon as we were able, but she also really wanted a 4th baby and thought it would be really cool if he was 7lb 4oz.  On top of all that, she had seen a doctor on Thursday that had tried to prepare her for the possibility of needing a c-section.  She wasn't progressing and he said that he just wanted her to be prepared.  God had other plans and her water broke on its own at home that night and Seth was well on his way!!! :)  He was born around 10am and we got there around 12pm.  Doug and the girls took us straight to the hospital so we could see him quicker!  It was super sweet of them to offer!  The girls couldn't go in so Doug waited with them while we visited.  

There is one HAPPY Grandma right there!

So perfect!

So grateful for another nephew, thankful for a safe and healthy delivery, mama, and baby, and thankful for the opportunity to spend some time with the family!

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