Thursday, July 23, 2015

More pictures of our trip...

Ok, so most of this post is pictures of the newest little man! ;)  Sorry, but do you really blame me?
I think this was night number two, Mom dove into a foot massage for the new mom and I went digging for frozen peppermint patties....does it get any better?

He sleeps in the cutest positions! 

Uncle Doug finally held him :)  Holding a baby in blue fits him!

Short of the newborn photo shoot, this is probably one of my favorite pictures I took while I was there!

LOL  Swaddled and being transported to bed :)

The many faces of Seth Kyle...

 Mid-Newborn photo shoot pictures!  I have him so out his feet are just dangling!

Ahhh!!! Can he get any cuter?

Finally got a picture of Marissa holding him.  She had been swimming with her eyes open so she is not crying!  She was very happy that she got to hold him and he stayed happy!  She is so sweet!

 Sleeping in his bed like a good boy!

Tummy Time for the first time...he rolled twice, although I think they were both flukes!

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