Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Some Wildlife in the South

 We didn't see a ton of wildlife while we were down there.  I saw a couple lizards, that scared me only because I was watching for snakes and wasn't prepared to see that fast of movement.  Once I knew what they were they were pretty cool.  They were way to fast to get a picture of though.  They kind of look like Anoles, only grey like a gecko instead of green.  I think they called them geckos though.  I saw an yucky big millipede looking bug with a shell about the size of my hand, but again had no camera with me and when I got back it was gone.  You were spared though because it was gross.  :)  The one thing I really didn't want to see was a snake!  I VERY much do not like snakes.  I asked Chelsea if she had ever run across a snake in all the years she has lived there and she said no.  I felt some relief...until the next morning when I ran across this...
I didn't know what it was, but decided that any snake that slithers with the first few inches of its body off the ground has got to be an extra gross kind!  I had my phone with me which thankfully has some zoom on it so I didn't have to get close.   I figured I needed to get a picture or they wouldn't believe me.  I have since been told by my brother that it is a copperhead.  YUCK!

I don't remember where I was, but I came back to a ton of pictures on my camera and stories of squirrels when I returned :)

The girls thought it was cool that he laid like Molly.

Look at that tail!

The girls were super sad to find out that he either had a damaged ear or wasn't born with one or something...

He sure is cute though!!!

God's creatures certainly are beautiful!  We are so blessed!


Sara Lynn said...

I was just about to tell you it was a copperhead then saw you were told, very poisonous. BTW one of Chelsea's church friends, saw your blog on the side bar of hers. :)

Sarah Benedict said...

:) Glad to meet you! All snakes are bad to me, but he was extra yucky. Any snake that slithers with part of his body of the ground is a bad sign in my book!