Wednesday, July 1, 2015

...and we have a bunny!

Most people that know Doug's sister Laurie and her husband Kenny, know that they raise pigs and rabbits.  It didn't take long before the girls fell in love with a couple baby bunnies.   With our lifestyle right now, bunnies do not fit in very good.  So we told the kids no...however...Uncle Kenny came up with a ultimatum.  For the price of two batches of HIS choice of cookies, the two bunnies would be spared and live there.  If something were to happen where they needed to leave then we would handle it, but for now they would enter his breeding program, but still belong to the girls.  So we went shopping and bought supplies and the girls got to work.  

Madalyn's payment

Marissa's payment

Marissa fell in love with this rabbit. know how every animal has a personality?  Well this one has a really cruddy one!  LOL  The thing is crazy and she always leaves scratched up like crazy!  She is a pretty bunny, but does not jive with Marissa well.  So although she still likes her, the girls have decided to share "Peterette"!  (Which in the end makes it nicer for Doug and I in case the day comes where she needs to come live with us.)

This is Peterette!  Her name started as Peter and then Madalyn found out "he" was actually a "she"!  So she just altered the name. :)  "Peterette" is a flemish giant and has to be one of the most laid back, relaxed bunny that I have ever seen.  Madalyn can hold her just under her front feet and not support her back legs and she just hangs there.  She is a real sweetie!

I love this picture!

The girls are super happy and at least once a week I get begged to go down and visit.  :)

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