Friday, January 30, 2015

The girls...

My girls are the best :)
This morning I got up with a lot to do.  Dishes were backed up, the house is in need of a good cleaning, I needed a shower, 2 kids needed to be homeschooled, 2 extra kids were getting dropped off...So when Doug left I got right to work.  The girls woke up early, around 6am and asked if they could help!  The three of us started on our pile and I bet we had them all done in 10 minutes, including washing, drying and putting them all away.  A job that would have taken me at least 20-30 minutes was cut way down.  I'm so grateful!  By the time my extra kids arrived, I was showered, the girls were ready for school and were sitting down, and both bathrooms were clean.  
They are a huge help with the kids that I have, never complaining about a job that needs to be done.  Now granted, the baby is going to be spoiled rotten if things keep going the way they are because all she has to do is peep and one if them is at her side ;)  
That's it for today...I have a fun blog post planned for Monday, but for now, I'm off to finish cleaning and take pictures for Monday!  I hope you all have an awesome weekend and stay warm!  Doug said it was supposed to be -40 on Saturday!  

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