Monday, January 5, 2015

Our family's Christmas Morning (finally!) :)

I love Christmas morning...always have, but when you have kids it gets twice as good :)  This Christmas was no different.  In fact Doug and I were the first ones up.  We couldn't sleep anymore so I finally said, "Want to just go wake the kids up?"  He was all for that so that is what we about 6am!  
Marissa and Madalyn's Sunday School class had made a paper chain as a countdown to Christmas.  Each morning they had a verse about the Christmas story to read.  So we started our morning off with the last of the chain.  

The girls had gone shopping for Doug and I with Grandma Benedict.  They were so cute about it...we couldn't even give them their presents first.  They were very adamant that we had to go first.  

The mug was from Madalyn... the chocolate inside was from Marissa. 

Mommy's turn :)

They got me a beautiful necklace...

...and a HUGE bag of skittles!

And Madalyn made me a beautiful ornament!

and gave me a peppermint patty :)

Stocking time!!!

LOL  Very confused...

They are metal pieces that are puzzles.  
They look impossible to get apart, but there is a trick to them :)
Thankfully, they came with instruction.

Snow markers!

They know what this is! ;)  How to train your dragon 1 &2!

From Daddy 

The clock I wanted for the camper!  I can't wait to go camping!

From Mommy...

Socks so his boots won't bother his legs anymore.

From Auntie Alicia

She gets them ornaments for their collection every year :)

From Daddy again! ( I got spoiled )

It's a decal for my car... there are more pictures at the bottom of it!

From Mommy again

Peanut Butter M&M's

Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Liz sent the girls a package...

They LOVE them!

Should keep them busy for a while ;)

From Mommy ;)

A travel mug....since I broke his other one...whoops :/

Now their presents under the tree :)

They broke their hooks for their rainbow loom...dedicated loomers let me tell you!  
So we bought them metal crochet hooks...should hold up a lot better!

And TONS of rubber bands since they were 100% OUT!

My brother Caleb picked Doug's name for Christmas....

Nightmare before Christmas pajama pants and the movie

He loves them...thank you guys!

From our neighbor Jane....

Homemade mittens!  
(Can I just say how much I love all the girl's expressions? LOL)

Madalyn said they smelled like Ms. Jane and they loved it ;)

They love them!

Doug and I couldn't wait for this one!

So here is the story...Every year, we usually get the girl's a Scentsy buddy.  This year, Marissa wanted the unicorn and Madalyn wanted the dragon.  Scentsy started a new thing where they only made so many and when they were sold, they discontinued them.  Both buddies were discontinued a month after being released.  I missed out on both of them.  Marissa wasn't 100% sold on the Unicorn and quickly switched to the tiger, but Madalyn didn't budge.  She cried when she found out that the dragon was gone.  Daddy said we needed to find one.  I went on Ebay and they were going for about $90.  No way that was happening!  I got on Facebook and contacted the local Scentsy consultants and found a consultant in Rome that had one.  She shipped it to me without the box, which actually added to the surprise because she didn't know what it was even after she unwrapped it.  

BEST reaction EVER!  She was so thankful!

After we dried tears, we were onto the next ;)

Marissa is so much faster than Madalyn and I love how she reacts to even Marissa's gift before she opens her own!  

In love :)

The aftermath!

Of course we had to go right out and put on my decal :)  This was designed by a friend of ours.  She did a great job!  I love her stick I have ever seen and she did a great job with adding Chloe in there!

I LOVE it!  Best gift EVER! :)  Thanks Hun!!!


Chelsea Thomas said...

I love it! That picture of Madalyn hugging the dragon is absolutely precious!

lenorediviney said...

great holiday pics! you have such a happy family. I love that she cried over the dragon. My sister in law will want your decal, lol.