Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The dogs' Christmas

Yes, our dogs are just like kids to us and we spoil them ;)
They know the word "Christmas" and would run to the tree if you said it.  So needless to say, Christmas morning, they were worse than the kids!  

After spending a couple weeks trying to get at her present under the tree, Molly was VERY willing to tear into it when she finally was given the chance!

Molly loved it!

I think Chloe was a little disappointed this year in only getting toys and not something to eat.  Years past that is what we have done, but this year we got a cow and have bags of raw bones in the freezer for them.  We couldn't see buying more...apparently I should have wrapped one of them for her, because she wouldn't open her gifts!  Little brat!  LOL  She did play with her ball, but I didn't get it on picture or video because I needed two hands to play with her and keep Molly from stealing it!  

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