Friday, January 23, 2015


Doug was off yesterday for a dentist appointment and I completely forgot about my blog post!  OOPS!!!  I'm surprised I didn't get called out on Facebook or a Text because of it. :)  We had a good day anyhow.  The kids did a light day of school, I babysat, then we had a nice meal and played a game of Royal Rummy.  

One of the biggest struggles of Doug being gone the majority of the time is finding time to do things.  Things like dentist appointments require an entire day off in order to take care of it.  Hair cuts are another thing.  We have an awesome hair dresser that will cut his hair on the weekend, but with us flat out most of the time, even that is tough.  It's either he doesn't have the time to go because we have somewhere else to go, or he doesn't feel like going because all he does is go and he just wants to sit home.  
So the other night he came home and I told him he really needed to make an appointment.  I can't remember if I offered or he asked if I could just try trimming it this time, to get him through till he could go.  So I broke out the spray bottle, scissors and clippers.  I was very nervous, but in the end I think it turned out ok!  
His hair isn't the easiest to cut, and it took forever to accomplish.  I'm pleased with it though and happy that we didn't have to end up shaving it which was what he said he would just do if I butchered it!  LOL  
So thankful its Friday!  I hope you all have a great week!  I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning!  We have had a week of really early mornings and it starts really catching up after about the 3rd one!

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