Wednesday, January 21, 2015


This dog is crazy ;)  LOL  
So just a little back story....Chloe used to barely ever eat.  She would pick at her food here and there and maybe consume a cups worth in a weeks time.  That all changed when we fixed her.  She never ACTS like she is hungry, very rarely asks for her breakfast or dinner, but will NEVER turn down food that is offered to her.  
Fast forward to the other day.  She knows that she is not allowed to touch Molly's dish and is generally pretty good about it.  However, Molly doesn't always finish all her meals.  We try to make it a point to pick up her dish if it still has food in it before we leave the house because even if there is 3 cups of food in there (Chloe normally eats a 1/2 cup of food in an entire day), Chloe will clear the whole dish.  
So I left the house and totally forgot that Molly had not finished her breakfast.  She probably had about a cup and a half worth of food left in her dish.  We left, were gone for about 3 hours, and came back to finding a little bit of poop in the house.  She NEVER does that unless she has gotten into Molly's food.  It's like she needs to make room so that has to go kind of thing.  Anyhow, it dawned on me then that we never picked that up.  So I scolded her like I always do, took care of the pile and left it alone.  I was kind of surprised there wasn't piles of puke around, because that is the norm, but I didn't find anything.
....till a while later!  That stinkin' dog had hid all her piles all over the house.  Under blankets, behind boxes, behind doors, behind clothes baskets, behind bookshelves.... OH MY GOODNESS!  Last night at 8:30 while putting the kids to bed, I'm still finding hidden piles!  
Which tells me that she totally knew what she was doing.  She knew she shouldn't eat it and knew she would be in trouble so therefore "hid" her dog food filled puke in places I wouldn't look!  Molly ended up nosing around and led me to most of the piles.  I couldn't help but laugh. 
 ...And people say dogs are dumb!  Whatever!!!

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