Monday, January 26, 2015

A late blog...

 This morning has been one of those mornings...
I am so tired of slow internet.  I finally have a somewhat decent speed, but its taken me a good amount of time to get there.  I usually get up early and write my posts because my kids aren't up yet and I don't have any extra kids.  But this morning when I got up to no internet, it kind of threw that plan right out the window.  I'm typing this currently while trying to get my extra kiddo to sleep on my lap ;)

So anyhow, onto today :)
We had a GREAT weekend!  I'm sooo thankful for my family.

From Doug, to the girls, down to the dogs and cat, they are all amazing!  Doug and I started out Saturday morning talking.  I'm blessed with a great communicator, and although we talk during the week, it isn't always a really good talk.  It was nice to get caught up with that.  We had an awesome family day with the kids...played some games, watched some movies.  It was great.  Sunday we had church, followed by some family time and then a movie night in bed.  
I'm just so thankful!  The girls are so good and helpful and go with the flow so well with all the different changes we have had.  God has really blessed me and I'm so undeserving!  

I should add in here that this picture, although I love it, is making my itch to get back in the camper even WORSE!  We aren't even halfway :(  

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