Thursday, January 15, 2015

Snow Fun!

Last Saturday, the girls wanted to go outside and play.  It was on the colder side, but Doug and I sucked it up and out we went as a family.  Shortly after getting out there, they decided they wanted to build a tunnel.  Now, this is an odd year for us in the sense that we really have no snow.  I told the girls we couldn't do it...we had to wait till we got more snow.  Daddy, however, set to work.  He practically shoveled the whole front yard to get the snow to build this fort of the kids.  We all worked together on it till we got it big enough so that they could play in there and not be too cramped.  He even snowblowed them a driveway when he did the driveway the next time!  He is such a great daddy!

They absolutely love it!  Next on the list is to eat lunch in there I guess.  One of these days I'll have to let them do it so I can be on their good list ;)


Chelsea Thomas said...

How fun!!!

Sharon Geiger said...

I remember pictures similar some 20 years ago <3