Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Eve morning...

Our original day for Christmas was going to be this day, but as you all know, we changed plans last week.  We did save stockings for Christmas Eve though :)  
I've surprised myself with how much I've enjoyed being non-traditional this year.
Daddy was the first one up...

Made just for him by Madalyn!

My turn :)  
The girls got me a necklace that came with matching necklaces for them as well.  
(Thanks again to Doug's mom and Laurie, since I know the two of you were in on it!)

Chloe and Molly both thought I needed help!

Back to the girls ;)  
I promise it wasn't us that insisted we go first!

More Adventures in Odyssey cd's for the car...we all really enjoy them now and they certainly make longer car rides much more enjoyable!

LOVE it!  Moon balls from EMS that they asked for months ago (and probably forgot)


Flashlights from EMS :)


Auntie Alicia came through again this year!  
The girls love her ornaments.  :)

I can't believe we are through another Christmas already!

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