Monday, January 23, 2017

Christmas with the rest of the Benedict clan :)

The 1st Saturday following the new year, we planned to get together with the whole Benedict family.  Owen and Ashton (I'm always shocked at how much they have grown everytime I see them!) ended up having some sports events going on so they didn't get to come up until Sunday.  Due to it being church and all that, I didn't grab my camera like I had planned. ;(
I'm always amazed at how well all the kids do playing together.  There is a pretty decent age gap between the oldest and youngest, but they all seem to put that aside when they are together. 
The adults got to talk and catch up and just enjoy each other's company.  
We decided we needed to take another family picture this year!  
Here is ours from 2 years ago...

Here is this years!
It's never enough time, but I'm thankful for the time we got!

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