Friday, January 6, 2017

Mom and Dad's Christmas

Technically I guess we really aren't impatient because Sunday WAS Christmas day.  We decided to have Mom and Dad do all their presents Sunday night after the kids went to bed to make Monday morning a little calmer.  

She loved it :)

(I love all the looks)

They have no idea what it is ;)

We got them a Chrome Cast

Apparently the only reason Dad goes to South Carolina is to eat at this place ;)

A "loon" deck of cards from Maine

A new journal

Silicone cups

I've never heard of this...a wooden flower basket!  Coolest thing ever!

Dad got Mom a gift card to her favorite store...TJ Max!

A new lunch box

With the amount of hours he puts in at work, this will make packing his lunch so much easier!

New Coveralls....a little too big ;)

They provided a good amount of laughs ;)


Mom G. said...

So many smiles (and laughs) as I looked at these!!!

Rachel Zehr said...

Lol. That's great. Awe...looks like they really loved their gifts. I dint know your parents but just seeing them on your blogs ...I see a lot of love and fun in them. They're Such a sweet, cute, & fun looking couple