Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Kid's Christmas!

Monday morning as planned, we did the kid's Christmas.  I'm so glad that we did the adults the night before because it really made Monday morning really relaxed.  It was all about them which was fun!
This first gift was from Jonathan and Liz to Lily, but Marissa made it so Lily didn't get it until now.

I'm extremely proud of Marissa....she did an amazing job with this one.  I didn't think she could improve her skills any more and then she popped this one out. 
 I LOVE it!

These are from Aunt Chelsea, Uncle Jeremy and Seth...

What a fun gift idea!  They were both really thrilled and I can tell they are going to get a lot of use!!!

The girls turn from the Thomas'...

From Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Liz, Daniel and Lily!

They loved them all! 
 I can't even pick a gift that they were most excited about :)

Grandma and Grandpa's turn...Let the spoiling continue!
Probably my favorite part...ornaments!  
I loved this tradition as a child and I still love it today.  

Marissa and her books that she has been wanting!

Oh boy....

SLEDS!!!  They have been begging for these everywhere we go!  I've had to really hold them off, knowing these were coming!  It was worth it for this reaction though ;)

Testing them out :)

Lily got a scented Baby Stella..."Daddy" needed to test it out first ;)

LOL what a mess!

Madalyn's favorite series ever!  She is already on book 2!

Daniel got some Squigs...seriously the most fun toy ever!

Our family game ;)  I love her look!  I can't wait to try it out!

The "Geiger's" family game!  We loved hot potato as kids!  

Thomas' game...It looks like a cute one!  Mom and Dad did good!

I guess it's not Christmas without some candy ;)

Cat's cradle!  She was pretty excited about this one!
And the fun doesn't even end here....stay tuned for more!