Thursday, January 5, 2017

1st night at Mom and Dad's :)

Sunday afternoon, after church, we headed up to my parents house.  Everyone was set to arrive on Sunday (other than Caleb, Cristale and the kids who were unable to come up), but we beat everyone else.  I helped Mom finish up some last minute stuff while the girls and Doug spent some quality time together!

What a site!!! 
 It's so beautiful :)

Before too long everyone else showed up :)

The girls missed their cousins...

She is so sweet

Daniel is working hard to convince Marissa that she should try watching Zootopia again.  He even promised her that she could close her eyes and hold his hand during the scary parts.  So sweet!

Still working on her...

We settled on Charlie Brown Christmas

This is actually from Monday morning...the kids were patiently waiting for Uncle Jeremy, Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Liz, Daniel and Lily

They are so cute ;)

She is such a good grandma :)

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I love these!!!!!!!!