Monday, January 16, 2017

Squigs...Who knew?

I couple months ago, I didn't even know such a thing existed!  When my mom showed them to me, I thought they were such a simple but brilliant idea...they sure were a huge hit with everyone.
Daniel was such a sweet boy to share his new toy with all the other cousins.

 HAHA  Of course you have to teach them ALL the places that they can stick to ;)

Too cute <3

Nice Madalyn!

New profile picture Mom?  :)  
(She is going to kill me!)

Helping Mom with camera settings...

This provided way more entertainment than it probably should have ;)

Lily wants to help!

 Oh my....

So perfect

Madalyn tried, but it just didn't work as well for her as it did for Uncle Jonathan

...and then things got out of control!

I think you should consider this for your new FB profile picture Jonathan! ;)
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Mom G. said...

Jonathan def. takes the prize each year for 'that one picture that gets everyone laughing.' Last year, it was the shot of him looking like Richard's twin (Guess Who) and now, this year, with the squigs stuck to the Bilobo upside down on his head :D

Rachel Zehr said...

Hahaha!! This is great! So much fun! I love it when families have fun and can let down all seriousness for some fun!!