Monday, January 9, 2017

Big Kid Christmas...

We had planned on holding off on the rest of the adults until Monday morning, but the more we got thinking about it, the more we realized it was a better idea to stay up late and have Christmas! :)

I'm not sure what this thing is called, but it's a really cool old type of contractor ruler.

A new planner for her business 

We can finally stop super gluing and hot gluing our griddle!

This thing is really cool.  It's for camping and it can charge your phone by heating water!


Chelsea is starting her own village, just like Grandma Long

I love that they got her "Buffalo" snow since that is "where we are from"

A hose!

A wallet

Soaps from their soap factory and an awesome candle! 
 I love their soap!

Grapefruit spoons and Rada knives...the best knives ever!  Funny thing is, I commented that all we needed now to have it be just like them was a grapefruit knife. When I got home and put stuff away, I found one tucked back in the drawer that I never even knew I had!

We get to go tubing at Maple Ridge!


Probably the coolest cheese grater I have ever seen!

I love it!  Everything in orange is better ;)

Foot massager

Chelsea and I each got one of these cool bracelets!  
Thank you so much Mom and Dad!  As always I feel spoiled!  
We headed to bed shortly after this, or tried too.  I think it was 1:30 when I got in bed, but I could not fall asleep!  Apparently neither could Dad....good news is, we all recovered quite well come morning time :)