Friday, December 30, 2016

Spoiled a little...

The girls were blessed yet again by John (and his parents) and Lily & Olivia (and their parents).  
Lily made us some really yummy chocolate chip cookies!  She was so proud of them, it was so cute!  They also blessed us with some extra in our pay check...I feel sooo blessed!  

John and Mallery brought the girls some stuff, and after school, they dug right into them.  
Doug and I gift cards for dinner with our Christmas card.  Again...sooo blessed.  

The girls had help opening their gifts ;)

I love the facial expressions!

They loved everything :)

Too cute ;)

They work great on the windows...

 Such unique stuff!

He is adorable :)

The girls' creations...

Thank you all so much for loving on my kiddos!!!

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