Thursday, January 12, 2017

What it looks like after Christmas...

The excitement didn't end with presents.  
There was cuddles to be had with upcoming cousins...

I love him!

We got news while we were all together that we have not only one new nephew on the way, but another little one!  Lily is going to be an awesome big sister to her new sibling...even if she has no idea yet!

Seth was DONE LOL  
Christmas is hard on a little guy ;)

Working hard...

Wahoo!  She made an origami boat!

Testing out the new game with Grandpa

The littlest ones took a break to watch some Super Why

...and Grandma joined in on the sillies

The kids tested out the sleds some more as the day went on.  Mom had rugs spread down in the house for Molly (she was scared of their old kitchen floor so to play it safe she lays down rugs so she doesn't freak out because she is an awesome Grandma like that!) so the kids could actually pull the sleds through the house pretty well!

Such cute little posers!

Silly time with Grandpa...

The sled makes a good base for building with the squigs too!

We ended up taking all the kids and the dogs out for some fun in the snow.  I didn't get any pictures because I was holding Lily the whole time.  It was fairly warm out, so even though the kids didn't have full attire, they played hard and enjoyed themselves.  We wore everyone out pretty good and nap time was a success!  Even the pups napped :)

Watching some clips while Uncle Doug snuck in his nap