Friday, January 22, 2016

My baby is back!

I got a phone call around 3:30 yesterday from Unlimited Collision in Lyons Falls telling me that my car was currently being washed and waxed.  :)  As soon as it was done it was ready for pickup!  I ran down the first chance I got to go.

(The garage lighting and such doesn't do the car any justice!)  
They did such a great job!  You would never know anything happened to it.  They even fixed a scratch on the driver's side from a cart (we think) that showed up last summer and didn't charge us!  They worked around our deductible and we owed half what I was planning on.  AND I got a wash and wax out of it!  LOL  I'm so impressed with the work they did.  
I'm beyond happy to have my vehicle back and I'm so thankful for how God is constantly encouraging us.  
Stay tuned for picture from our field trip on Monday!

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