Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas morning

Doug and I woke up about 6:30 and asked each other if we should go wake up the kids when we heard them stir and start coming down the hall.  Here is our morning....

Waiting for Daddy to be ready for stockings :)

Digging in!

The girls got us a couple little things and wouldn't open up anymore until we had opened ours.  I love that they have gotten the importance of giving rather than receiving.  

Molly waited patiently, but was getting rather inpatient so before we moved on, she got hers.  

The girls were spoiled by a lot of people this year.  These gifts were from John and his parents.

We got the girls personalized Bible's this year.  They were a hit :)

While Doug and I had our date night/day, we wandered into the disney store and Doug picked out these for the girls

Auntie Alicia generally send the girls ornaments every year and they really look forward to the collection!  


Chloe got a bone, but she doesn't dig right into opening like Molly does.  

This gift was from Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins

I still need to get a few more things so we can test this out!

This was the Doug and I both had some needs this year (me more than him) so we decided to leave Christmas at that.  Doug picked out this nuts and bolts organizer at home depot when we were out.  He has been needing something like this for a while.  I asked him if he wanted me to wrap it so he could have something to open Christmas morning.  He said yes so I did.  Fast forward to Christmas morning and I hand him the gift and he just looks at me and says, "Hey, what is that?  We had rules!"  I assured him he knew what it was, but he had no clue.  Of course once he opened it we got a pretty good laugh out of it.


This is from our next door neighbor Jane...

They were pretty excited about the huge packages...

...they were really in need of new bedding sets.  Theirs were worn through and had quite a few holes.  Needless to say they are please with their replacements.

Molly is helping...

Sheets to match the new bedding...

This one I did break the rules on, but it's ok...he loved it!

Stay tuned for more Christmas celebrations with Doug's family!  

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