Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A couple more from Mom and Dad's

Some of these pictures might seem overkill on the numbers of similar pics, but I know family members want to steal them so you'll just have to forgive me!  

I missed Seth's first time having food, but I got the second time!  I have never met a kid that takes food so well!  I've had a LOT of kids in and out of my house and none of them were this enthusiastic!!!  I'm so impressed!  He is a smart boy!

Guess Who (the game) came back out this visit as well.  Madalyn made a discovery while playing...Uncle Jonathan and Richard look a LOT alike!  Boy did she ever nail that!  So funny!

We even snuck in some time for a nap.  Liz woke up when I went to grab the camera, but I told her to fake it :)  

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Sharon Geiger said...

One thing I've notices in all the pics.....I lived in my pajamas while everyone was here :)