Thursday, January 28, 2016

Busy Day

Today is full...
Homeschooling, babysitting, sewing (if I have time), laundry, cleaning...
Tomorrow is a big day for us.  (More on that later)
We went to the library for the1st time with the girls yesterday... I know, I know....that makes me a bad mom!  They got done with their schoolwork quick today so they could get back to reading.  Madalyn ended up kind of bummed because she don't think she should finish her book.  Apparently the main character is really disrespectful and keeps saying shut up to people.  So she has traded her library book for the books she got for Christmas.  I'm proud of her for recognizing the wrong and staying away from it. 
On another note, the girls have gotten so big...although they might not see it.  They were watching "Super Why" today after school.  They are convinced that they have ruined the show by changing it a ton since they saw it last a couple years ago.  ;)  I'm pretty sure they have just gotten bigger and notice all the silly little things now!  LOL
Well I'm off to get my list done!

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