Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas, Part One (of who knows how many!)

Like usual, too many pictures were taken on Christmas!
This was the girls' main gift, and the reason why we chose to jump the gun this year!

I knew they were going to love them, but I was surprised at HOW much they love them!

The girls made gifts for each other this year...they are so sweet and were SOOO excited about this part of the day!

I love this picture!  Madalyn made Marissa a hat :)

Madalyn's turn...

Marissa made her a black panther from rubber bands...

...and gave her a coupon for her own copy of the book Marissa is writing.

I got SPOILED this year...

Of course Doug had to wrap every piece of my present, but I got a Kitchen Aid mixer!  My cheap mixer has been in rough shape for a while, but I never expected him to get me one!

Still shocked that he got it AND he got me the big one!

I spoiled him a little bit too, and totally lacked in taking pictures of him.  I got him a big tool bench so he finally has some storage in the garage.  
Thank goodness for black Friday sales!!!
Stay tuned for more pictures from our day!

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Rachel Zehr said...

Awe Yay!!! How fun!!!! Very nice christmas