Thursday, December 8, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This year has been a little bit different of a year for us.  Doug is usually 100% all out for Christmas decorating.  This year, we didn't put any light up outside...not one!  The work it takes to put them out, take them down, and keep them lit is ridiculous and Doug decided that it just wasn't worth it anymore.  So we made inside the house all cozy and festive and called it good!
Before I get started, here is a note to us when it comes to decorating for next year...
"Blue lights on the inside, White on the outside"
Ok, enough of all that...Here goes!

The countdown chain is back up!

Everything is wrapped and under the tree already except 
Doug's present and the girls' main gift.  

This is new this year...a friend gave this to us full of goodies, and I loved it so much. 
 So I went and got some bulbs and stuck them in it...PERFECT! 

My marine bear from my little brother when he was in...

I love this little guy...just hanging around!

This picture is for Grandma Geiger...Madalyn told me I need to take it! :)

The "B" on the left used to be on the front door, but I moved it for the season since the red snowflake is out there now.  I'm not sure it will be going back though! 
 I love it there!

I love our tree!

We replaced our stocking and hangers that were both falling apart.  When we were on our date weekend, we walked into Micheals and they had these 75% off!  I LOVE them!

Working hard of course ;)

Even Peterette has some festivities going on in her room!