Thursday, December 22, 2016

New rooms!

Of course once we were finished opening stuff, the girls wanted to put the beds together so they could sleep in them that night.  We started "Christmas" at about 3:30 and didn't get to bed until 10:30!  It was so worth it though!  
Old beds are out, so naturally vacuuming before the new ones come in.

Madalyn was keeping the knick knacks safe ;)

Making progress...thanks for all the pictures Doug!


They love it, I love it....I can't get over how much room we have!

We had our crib stored under the girls' beds, so we decided to put that up.  
With babysitting, it will come in handy until we can put it to use with our own!
I had my reservations about doing this early, but I'm so thankful we did.  I had an awesome day and really enjoyed putting the girl's room together as a family!


Mom G. said...

I love both rooms. <3

Dad (Grampa) Geiger said...

WOW, their room is so big now!!! I just hope it will still be special to come and stay at Gramma and Grampa Geiger's!

Rachel Zehr said...

Awe! Wow! This is wonderful!! I'm so happy with you all!!