Monday, December 5, 2016

Post Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving really wasn't that crazy of a day, but I guess between the parade, dog show, and getting ready, the camera didn't make it out until afterwards.  Regardless, we really enjoyed our morning with family, in our jammies, enjoying a bit of a chill day.  Everything was delicious and thankfully, I didn't stuff myself too much, and we waited for desert until evening time.  
After dinner, we cleaned up and then played with the kids.  Mom and Madalyn decided to try "bowling" with a golf ball and crayons! ;)

...and we taught the girls "Cats Cradle"

The traditional table cloth was colored...


The girls got REALLY good and this and REALLY addicted!  LOL

Even Grandpa got roped into it

Oh Madalyn!

More fun to come!

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