Tuesday, December 6, 2016

More fun

I love these pictures of the girls...

So grown up...how did this happen!


We made turkey crafts!  
We had a ton of laughs and made some more memories doing it of course!

They added character to the center piece for sure!

Our beautiful colored table cloth

Mom burned herself on Thanksgiving day, and the next day she was left with a perfect heart shaped mark...

Chloe...SPOILED!!!  She learned real fast that even though no dogs are supposed to be on the furniture, Dad didn't mind.  Which meant HIS chair was the safe place to be ;)

...and just because, here is a picture of the "good" dog ;)


Mom G. said...

LOL ~ The good dog ;) I love these memories. Thanks, Sarah.

Dad (Grampa) Geiger said...

So glad you could make it we LOVED having you for the weekend!

Rachel Zehr said...

Looks like fun! Minus your mom's burn!😳 but neat it looked like a heart I guess. Chloe reminds me of my moms dog Mandy😊