Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fun in the snow

We got a little snow before we left for Mom and Dad's, and the girls did go out and play in it, but it was nothing compared to what they had.  The forecast was calling for rain though, so the girls opted for not bringing all their stuff.  Friday morning, Dad, Mom and I were outside getting a few things done and ended up having a snow ball fight.  The girls quickly decided that they wanted to come out as well.  So we dug out some clothes, thank goodness they have a short Grandma, and got them dressed.  

They had a blast!  It was the perfect snow for building something.

They did a great job!

It didn't take long with the temps and a little bit a rain for them to start to melt though. 
 Poor guy didn't keep his nose long!


Mom G. said...

I love that fallen nose!

Rachel Zehr said...

Lol same!

Rachel Zehr said...

The little snowman reminds me of olaf from frozen. 😊⛄❄