Friday, September 30, 2016

It's Friday!

Douglas is coming home!  
Laundry is washed, folded and put away, dishes are washed, and the house is clean!  That is a good feeling all by itself, but knowing that I have the weekend to spend time as a family without feeling pulled by "things" that need doing makes me feel amazing!
I had plans of digging potatoes and mowing the lawn today as well, but it was sprinkling when I took the compost out, so I think those are going to have to wait for another day.  
I'm not sure what all we have on our schedule for this weekend.  I know we are headed up to Mike's place to give him a hand for a bit on Saturday.  I had mentioned taking the camper up with us to park it while we were going, but I'm not sure Doug is ready to admit that we are done for the year yet.  I don't blame him.  We have been very blessed this summer and were able to spend a ton of time in there.  It's definitely a little depressing knowing it's going to get put into storage for the winter soon.  
I am excited for all that comes along with the cooler weather though.  I love all the smells, the baking, soups and chilis, and the holidays that brings families together!


Unknown said...

Actually, it's Wednesday! Just saying. Love you, Dad

Sarah Benedict said...

LOL Love you too!