Thursday, September 29, 2016

Whetstone State Park

We had our first field trip of the season!  We kept it simple and cheap by going to or local state park and hiking/picnicking/playing on the playground/visiting. :)  We were really blessed with great weather.  It wasn't super hot, but it wasn't cold either.  It was a nice time for the kids to spend with each other actually visiting and play vs. being in a more controlled learning atmosphere.  
Here are some pictures of our day... 

Marissa and Elaina were the two oldest girls and at times looked  a little lost, so I encouraged them to take a walk together.

Jubilee thought it was her job to clean up after John, and he very much enjoyed keeping her busy ;)

Before too long, Marissa and Elaina had quite the crew down there LOL  

One of the moms suggested taking a group picture of those that attended the field trip.  
Here is our group from the day...

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