Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fast Forward to the First Day of School :)

I was dreading this morning, up until I started getting things set up.  This morning has gone sooo smooth!  The girls are excited about the new things they are learning this year and the new set up!  
First, here are the pictures for this year...
Marissa's favorite color is still yellow and she also still wants to own a dog daycare center when she grows up.  I'm starting to see some consistency here!  Her favorite subject is ... all of them!  She can't pick one and it isn't because she hates them all ;)

 Madalyn's favorite color is still orange and she now wants to be a stay at home mom! (Taking after her Mommy!)  ;)  Her favorite subject is Science...she didn't however take after her Mom is this department!

I'm excited to see what this school year holds for us!