Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Oh my.... is it even possible that we have been doing school long enough that the girls are 2 days out from completing their first PACE's???  It seems like we just started!  
The girls have been doing amazing...working hard and staying focused.  
Each morning, they are amazing about getting up on their own with the alarm clock, doing their chores, and getting themselves ready.  As long as they are on a roll, they usually eat their breakfast while watching "Wild Krats", because they are slightly obsessed!  By 8:30 they are sitting down and starting their school day.  We are usually finished by noon, and they have the rest of the day to do what they want!   I know we will have our days and the whole school year is probably not going to run this smooth, but so far I'm really grateful!  
I'm say it all the time, but I really am blessed!