Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fort Rickey family trip

After Doug was gone for 2 weeks, Dairy One gave Doug 3 days of comp time.  We decided to take our first day and head to the the last minute, we changed our minds from Utica Zoo to Fort Rickey. 

So many awesome parts of this place...this is definitely one of my favorites.  I could have stayed in here a good share of the day and been happy doing it!

The brown one that Marissa is petting was my favorite :)

Madalyn had to go find the sheep laying all by himself...

She definitely didn't get this from Doug or I...we were standing a ways back with Madalyn ;)

...and we were crawling at this point in


...and Grandma!  I'm pretty sure she was 40 something years old!

A new addition this year....the girls had a blast!

They sure are cute...even with their prickly hairs!

So cozy

...and we ran into another

Why couldn't we have a regular sized bunny?  Sooo cute!

Probably my favorite "show" that we saw there.  An amazing relationship that they have with the owner!

Madalyn's favorite buddy

This little girl started out smaller than his hands and found with it's mother who had been hit and killed.  She was a ball of energy and so much fun to watch! sweet!

If you are ever thinking about a family outing, Fort Rickey is a great option!  We love it there!


Chelsea Thomas said...

A snake Marissa?!?!?!?!?!?!

That bouncy thing looks awesome!

Rachel Zehr said...

I loved it when we went. It looks fun. And a few new things.