Monday, September 12, 2016

Issues with my rings...

Last November I had my engagement ring and wedding band melted? (I know that isn't the right term!) together.  Friday, last week,  I was adjusting my ring with my fingers and I felt a jagged part.  After some further inspection, I realized that my engagement ring had snapped.  :(  I was super bummed, but what can you do.  I headed to the jewelers that I bought the ring from and also the one that did the work for me in November.  I can't say enough good about Allen's Jewelers in Boonville.  He isn't charging me to fix it!  I can't even say that it has anything to do with the work he did, yet he is doing good by me regardless.  He also is going to size it down by a 1/2 size so that I can wear it a little more comfortably without worrying about it coming off when it's cold out.  He is super reasonable price wise as well.  So if you have a need...check them out!  
Now I can't wait to get my ring back again!

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