Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Ahhh I have internet again!

I don't need any stinkin' repair men... I have Douglas :)
After struggling bad for the past week on and off (who am I kidding, it's been 3 months!), I am finally running smooth this morning.  I wouldn't say we are heaving internet users, but it's hard to blog, pay bills, email, etc. using my phone as the main source of internet when I only have 2 gigs of data on it!  So thankful to be able to get back to my norm.

We had an amazing weekend.  Doug headed down to Church Saturday morning for a men's breakfast.  The girls and I went down when that was finished to work on a couple things that still need doing.  We headed out around lunch time, came home and ate lunch and then got ready for a bike ride.  Doug found out at the breakfast that there was a new motocross race track that had been built and they were holding a big practice there.  All in all we put in 17.5 miles...probably our toughest ride although not our longest!  We were all feeling it at the end, although it didn't stick around.  By the next morning we were only a little stiff, but nothing too bad!
Here is what our trip looked like... (you can click on the pictures to make them larger)

We keep trying to sneak in as many rides as we can before we are no longer able to.  I'm thankful that we all enjoy it so much.  It sure is a nice way to spend the day together. 
On a side note...if any of you love Stewart's IceCream and want to treat yourself to some fall goodness, head on down there and get yourself a cone, dish or hand packed pint of Pumpkin Pie ice cream!  
You can thank me later.... 


Jessica Moore said...

Yes, I'm so glad you have internet. I'm hoping to try some pumpkin pie ice cream tonight.

Rachel Zehr said...

My brother went to the motocross event. That ice cream sounds yummy!