Friday, May 6, 2016

Youth group for April...WHOOPS :)

I totally forgot these never got posted!  Better late than never right?  We actually had youth group twice the month of April.  There was a special meeting at Black River church, which I posted about, I just failed to post these pictures with it.  Here is a good picture of the group that was in attendance that night...

I love this one!  The first game was with these trucks...they had to pull them back, let them go, and have them land in the square in front of them.  

I think only one team hit the square...once LOL

2nd game was to shoot one member of their team with a ball soaked in paint.  

After the message, we headed back downstairs for a couple more games.  The first game was a contest for which team could eat the most hot dogs the fastest.  I was too concerned about our teens not puking since they had to get in my car to ride home!
The second game was for one member of each of the 3 teams.  They had to choose the member with the best iron stomach.  Those three members were sent to another room.  A concoction was made while they were gone.  I'm not even sure all that went into it.  I know there was fruit cocktail, olives, applesauce, habanero peppers, black beans...I can't even remember all the rest.  Basically it was whichever team member could drink the whole thing the fastest won.  

It was blended and then they brought back out the three team members.  The stench that came out of those blenders when the covers were taken off was enough to make me want to puke!  This is my last me, you didn't want to see the rest!  The guy in the striped shirt downed his in about 30 seconds...INSANE!  The guy in the middle started downing his and ended up hitting the trash can directly behind him.  The guy I was pretty proud of...he finished his in about 3 minutes, even after knowing his team lost.  Pretty impressive!  
Youth group for tonight is cancelled due to the funeral, but we have another group even in Rome at the end of the month so that will be our youth group activity for the month!  I can't wait!

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