Monday, May 16, 2016

Birthday Celebrations with Grandma and Grandpa Geiger

Total failure as I have 0 pictures for our day together!  :(  
This year, the girls didn't have much on their list for wants...ok, they had NOTHING on their lists!  It made shopping for their birthday's a little on the tricky side.  I was able to come up with something for them, but when Mom wrote and asked I had nothing.  So I suggested a shopping trip.  The girls have hand-me-downs for pretty much everything, which we absolutely love, but who doesn't love a day out with their grandparents and some new things just for them?  The girls have been super excited about this trip!
A week or so before the trip, the girls got these in the mail.  (Isn't Mom so creative and sweet?

Friday night they came down and spent the night in preparation for Saturday's shopping trip.  We got to sneak in a game of Hand and Foot and Mom and I got whomped!  It was super fun though!  I love playing games.  Saturday morning, we got up and showered.  When I came out to the living room, Mom was resting in my chair.  I asked her why she got up so was 6:30 and she wasn't planning on getting up until 7 and she was even showered.  She told me that Marissa had woken up, went out and knocked on the camper door and woke her up so she could get ready and therefore wouldn't be late for or miss their day.  LOL  After an awesome breakfast we headed to Watertown.  JC Penny's was running an awesome sale of buy 1 get the second of a penny, plus Mom had a 20% off coupon.  God certainly is good.  They were able to get the outfits they were wanting, a pair of shortalls, and sneakers.  They are super excited now for the weather to get warm again so they can wear them.  Thanks Mom and Dad for loving on my girls and making me feel so spoiled.  
You guys are amazing grandparents.

I don't want anyone to think that I left out Grandma and Grandpa Benedict.  With Uncle Steve's death, they were out of town for Marissa's birthday, so we are planning another day where they can celebrate both the girls and do their traditional lunch to McDonalds.  Hopefully I can do better about remembering to take pictures on that day!

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