Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Marissa's Birthday Celebration

I feel kind of guilty about Marissa's birthday this year.  With the upcoming funeral, packing, and such, I didn't feel like she had our full attention.  Thankfully she is sweet, understanding, and caring and didn't seem bothered by it one bit.  I did get her dinner request and desert made though.  This year she wanted Spanish Rice and blackberry pie.  We made it for lunch so that we wouldn't be rushed in the evening.  With Grandma and Grandpa already gone to Maine, we did our birthday celebration with just us and Uncle Kenny and Aunt Laurie.  It was nice to have them be able to come down.  After lunch, it was present time!

We got the girls a joint gift this year.  With the upcoming trip and being unsure of what time we would have, we decided to give it to them now.

They had no idea what it was LOL

We ended up having to explain it to them.  It was a Bocce Ball set.  We thought it would be nice to have a new outdoor game for camping season!  

We love you Marissa!

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