Monday, June 1, 2015

Our garden this year...

This is our garden this year...

SUPER happy with our rhubarb plant.  This is the third plant that we have planted and this one we put in last summer and it has gone to town!  The girls are super excited to say the least!

This year we have one row of potatoes, 3 rows of carrots, 1 row of radishes, 6 heads of red lettuce, 2 original tomato plants (added another one in since the 1st two froze and may be slower growing), 6 green pepper plants and 6 plants of a pepper strain that I can't remember ;), 6 broccoli  and 6 cauliflower plants, 1 set of onions (there are either 50 or 100 although over 3/4 of ours don't look like they are going to make it), 2 rows of corn, 3 cucumber plants, 3 zucchini plants, and 3 buttercup squash plants.  I think that covers it.  We are already enjoying our lettuce and we have a pretty decent sized tomato on our original tomato plant that went through our freeze.  It's growing so we are hopeful that it pulls through.  It was a lot of work planting early with the covering and uncovering, worrying and all.  In the end it probably wasn't worth it, but if we get stuff earlier this year that would be awesome!

Our "froze" tomato plant sporting our first tomato.

This plant froze too, but it has all new growth underneath, so we left it.  We did buy another new one though just in case.

We transplanted these bushes from Brian and Jen's last spring I think....they are Doug's babies and they are doing phenomenal this year!

They are loaded!

Our Lilac "fence" we are working on ;)  The biggest two plants were transplants from Jen that went in YEARS ago!  They were mowed over more times than I care to count until I finally stuck tomato cages around them to protect them.  This year they are almost as tall as I am, have really bushed out and there is new growth shooting up all over.  The other two plants were put in last spring and the middle one even flowered this year.  First flowers ever for us!

I'm very thankful that God has given us the ability to grow our own food.  

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Sharon Geiger said...

I love lilacs. We planted one in our back yard several years ago ( you may not know that) and it's still pretty small.