Wednesday, June 24, 2015

1st vacation of the year...

Ok, so maybe vacation is pushing it a little bit.   Sunday evening, we headed out for Darien Lake State Park.   We didn't make to bad of time and were there about 9ish.  We had a beautiful site and although we had planned on setting up in the rain, God held it off for us!   Monday morning we got up and got ready for an awesome day at the amusement park.   My parents arrived and we were off!  We were able to leave Molly a lot easier this year since she hasn't been crated at home lately.   We were hopeful that this year we would not come back to anything eaten or destroyed.   What a beautiful day we had!  There wasn't much for lines and the weather was perfect!   Marissa's favorite ride this year was the mind eraser.  Madalyn loved grizzly run.   Both were new rides to the girls this year.   This was the first year Marissa could ride on that coaster and grizzly run was always shut down in previous years.  We all rode the motocoaster many times again this year and again the girls loved it.  Dad,Doug and I rode the superman this year.   I forgot how much I love that one!  Doug tried out the Brain Drain this's a new ride where you stand in a tube and the floor drops out on you.   I can't remember how long you fall for, but the ride is only 7 seconds long!  He liked it :)  We had probably one of the best years we have had yet.   The park closed at 8 and we headed back to the site and pretty much got ready for bed.   It makes for a long day.  At 11,the Lord woke us up with some good wind and we decided to put in the canopy and put everything that was outside in the back of the car.  At 4:30am,we woke up to a very nasty thunder/lightening bad that even Chloe was in our bed shaking! It lasted about an hour and then started to calm down.   Madalyn slept through it, and Marissa said she was awake, but she stayed in her bed.  Everything stayed safe and in thankful for another great year there!

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