Friday, May 29, 2015

Happy Friday!

This was our first full week of school vacation!   It's been a great week and we have gotten a lot of little projects accomplished.   The kids have enjoyed their days just playing and not having to do anything or go any where. 
Today we have to get out though and get some more tomato plants.   They are the only thing that didn't survive the 27 degree night we had last week.   I need to do a bunch of weeding today too! 
It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I'm hoping to finish laying tile finally!  We will see ;) 
It's been almost two weeks since we started leaving Molly out of her kennel when we are away.   She has been doing fabulous!   I'm so thankful and going that eventually we can replace the kennel with a bed, put it in storage, and reclaim our bedroom!
I think that sums up our update for today!   I hope you all have an awesome weekend.   Spend it with your family and relax together!

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