Monday, June 15, 2015

Spending time with family!

It had been over a year since we had seen Caleb, Cristale, Casen and Arya!  Time really flies :)  I couldn't believe how much the kids had grown and changed!  When we first got there we spent most of the time outside.  Mom and Dad have a baby swing and a horse swing that hang from one of their big pines out back.  So a good share of the afternoon was spent switching the swings out from one to the other so a different kid could ride.  We also spent a good share of time playing kickball!  The three oldest especially got alot out of that.  Casen was so funny playing and really got into it.  By the time we were done playing, Grandma and Aunt Sarah/Mom were beyond beat!  It was pretty warm out so we headed inside to cool down with some snacks and drinks.  We ended up just staying in and the kids split to go do their own thing.  
Arya wanted to color...I can't get over how big she is and how much she talks!  

So sweet!  She looks so much like her Mama.



These three were all over the house and played so well together!  The girls are really going to miss Casen!

Grandma and Grandpa had makings for Sundaes and the kids enjoyed making their own creations!

Arya was so funny with these balls...she found a bag full of them downstairs and she had so much fun playing by herself with them.

They Grandma joined in...with the help of "Gumby" who had to place the balls where Arya said cute!

Love the look!

And this one too :)

The older three had gotten pretty quiet and I went downstairs to find these two on the phone with Marissa...I love them!

So thankful for the time we had to spend with them!


Cristale said...

you got some great pictures :) thanks for coming up!

Sarah Benedict said...

I'm glad it worked out!

Sarah Benedict said...
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