Friday, June 5, 2015


Poor Madalyn has been having a rough go of it here lately.  She has been taking the off brand of Zyrtec for a while now and it definitely helps, but doesn't do enough.

One of my good friends, and a cousin to Doug by marriage, recommended adding Flonase into Madalyn's treatment.  For the past two weeks has been spending a good share of the time wheezing.  I was getting close to just saying forget it, we need to go see an allergist and get put on shots.  Before I made that step I thought, it can't hurt, lets give Flonase a try.  So last night when we stopped into Walmart to get some supplies for youth group, we picked some up.  

The directions for it said that some people notice a change right after the first dose...and thank the Lord that was Madalyn!  She spent the even rolling down a hill with the other kids and she was a mess by the time we got home.  After taking this, she slept all night for the first time in a couple weeks with NO WHEEZING!  I'm so happy!  It was easy for her to take and she now loves it.  Thank you Cor for the recommendation!

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